Custom Neon Signs

Whether it be a large commercial neon advertising campaign, an indoor custom neon signs, a large custom outdoor sign or even a small personalized custom sign for home use, all will work together to bring your creative vision to life. Some of these sign specifications will help you in quoting the size and placement of your customized neon signs: – The square footage of the building where you want to place your neon signage – The number of windows or doors where you want to place your custom sign – The overall style of your custom sign in terms of color and design – The overall theme of your outdoor signage – The type of adhesive that will work well for your neon signage (magnet, liquid, etc.) – The amount of time and money that you have to invest in your custom sign installation – The overall look and feel of your custom signage – Your design style, and your preferences about the style of your custom sign. These are just some of the basic parameters that you should keep in mind when quoting for custom signage.

custom neon signs

You might also be interested in what materials will be used for your custom signage. There are many available materials for neon signs that can be used and each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage that is given to using plastic for neon signage is that it does not require any electricity or maintenance. This is ideal if you do not wish to change the design of your neon signage after installation. The only drawback with plastic neon signage is that it is more likely to fade than other materials. You might also find that the vinyl sign is not very attractive and tends to catch dirt easily. Plastic is also not very weather resistant, meaning that your neon signage can fade and be damaged if it is exposed to the elements for long periods of time.

Other material options are glass, aluminum and wood. All three of these materials are very attractive and they have the advantage of being extremely durable as well as being scratch resistant and rust proof. They are very affordable options and should be considered when quoting custom neon signs. While some people prefer the look of wood, you may find that it does not give the same effect that you are looking for and that it is not strong enough to withstand the elements.